50 six-legged larva ticks!

So far this year Yatzie had very few ticks. There are less in Holland and the rest of Europe than in Sweden. I do not give her any medicine to prevent the ticks since all of the medicines, like Spot on, are very poisonous and some dogs can get serious skin problems from them. I instead check her every night. On our way to Lapland we took a few walks and Yatzie must have stepped in a newly hatched group of eggs. The past days I have found up to 50 tick larvas stuck on her! Larvas are ticks in their first life cycle stadium. They have only six legs and are white and only 0,7 mm in size. The larva, after sucking blood for three days, leaves their host and within 1-3 weeks develops into an 8-legged nymph. Again in must eat blood to develop into an adult tick. In all stages they are disease vectors. Uhh, these dreadful, dangerous insects. I hate them.


These tiny larvas I had never experienced before with Yatzie. They are so hard to find under her fur. Most of them were stuck to her already, having turned greyish, I found them by checking her skin inch by inch with my fingertops and by eye. If you remove them before they have started sucking they are cannot infect the host. New ones kept popping up so I finally combed Yatzie with a lice comb and now I think they are all gone. Here in Lapland there are fortunately no ticks! This is an informative link about ticks if you want to > learn more.

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