Chef Ed - the home cook

When things are incredibly busy, you haven't had time to leave the house for a week due to 10 little puppies, but would still like to have some friends over for dinner - then home cook Chef Ed is a perfect solution! He plans the dinner, sends out the invitations, gets the ingredients, decorates and sets the table, cooks, serves (with a helper) a whole lot of plates, AND takes the dishes back home. We have never had such a relaxing get together with friends. I was back and forth in the puppy room but also had time to enjoy! Thanks ED! Need him? Send him a mail at He serves in the area of Utrecht, Netherlands.

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  • Kristina • 27 september 2011 14:09:06
    That´s what i call enjoying life. What a wonderful idea with your own chef! You´re worth it.

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