Le petit déjeuner and Jabolou the guinea pig

My daily breakfast in La Maison des Gardes. Look at all the cheeses, fresh croissant, homemade confiture, yummie yummie. The area of Cluny is known for its chèvre. But Yatzie can not taste any of these... The vet said she is chubby! 2-3 kg too many. And it is clear to me too after having touched all of Elaines dogs. Well, maybe she can use a little extra for the puppies!


This morning Yatzie made friends with Jabolou - the guinea pig of the house. She has never been so close to one before, only sniffed from the outside of a cage. Now they even touched nose to nose. Usually Yatzie is totally stiff around guniea pigs, tail straight up, but today she was more relaxed. Maybe because Api was there too and Api and Jabolou are best friends!

Le petit déjeuner in La Maison des Gardes
Jabolou the guinea pig - see how she is smiling at Yatzie!
Api - dog of the house. In the mornings she comes to our door to ask Yatzie to play outside

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  • Bart • 25 november 2010 00:42:50
    This breakfast looks really faaaaaaaaaaantastic!
  • Maaike • 24 november 2010 13:24:52
    Wauw, what a cool blog for yatzie! Beautiful pictures, nice environment and last but not least good food. How is yatzie doing? Does she like it over there? Good luck to you both and hope to see you soon. Love, Peter and Maaike

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