Midday service at Taizé

Today we visited the ecumenical community of Taizé. I have heard much about Taizé, friends having been there, and since it was only 8 km from Cluny it was a nice thing to do. Since 1940 this community has grown into a world famous place, where young people come for retreats or for longer volunteer periods of a spiritual quest. 100 monks live there and during high season up to 5000 visitors stay on the grounds of the community.


Today it was very quiet. I joined in the midday service, held in a mix of languages, mostly consisting of psalms and worship. I could reflect a lot about this subject (those of you that know me understand what I mean) but I will not tire everyone with it. After all this blog is about Yatzie. But in short the servcie did not really touch me and I did not expect it to either. I am glad I went there, just to have been, but that is about it. My firm believe though is that everyone must find his own spiritual way and this is one that apparently many have chosen. As for me I have stopped searching outside of myself or in any institution created by man.

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