l'Esprit de Beauté

I had not seen Yatzie and Chicos's puppy Teddie (Ayala de l'Esprit de Bonté) for quite some time and seeing her as a more mature Barbet (9 ½ months old)  I was struck by her rustic, old-line Barbet beauty. Her black generous fur has a brownish touch on big parts of her body. The wavy fur is silkier in it's stucture than Moët's, who has a thick strong hair structure. The fur is groomed once, three months ago. Her character is jolly and playful. She has a humble spirit, showing low signals, (last puppy born in the nest) but she is not afraid and likes to approach every dog. She loves water, jumps into every pond and she is now a good swimmer. Last week she passed her basic obedience training exam. She likes to go to classes so more training is planned for after the summer.  

Etiketter: barbet ayala teddie

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