Moët Best Female in Rotterdam show

Moët was Best Barbet female and thus received her first CAC in Rotterdam today. This was her first show and I am so content with her performance. She is such an easy dog to work with; stable, makes contact, follows. We had only done one ring training, just the day before, but she ran perfectly by my side. And even though she dislikes to have her head touched (like many dogs) she accepted the judge's hands checking her teeth and ears etc. These are the words written by the judge:

  • Typical and harmonic
  • Beautiful head
  • Beautiful top and bottom lines
  • Correct angulations
  • First-classy movements

Congratulations Moët! And congratuations to Cousteau von der Leibrücke who received the BOB!

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  • margot • 7 september 2012 21:39:19
    goed gedaan els en moëtje!!!!!!!!!!
  • Maaike • 27 augusti 2012 19:08:49
    Wow, congratulations to Moët! What a great performance. You can be proud :)
  • KJ • 27 augusti 2012 09:57:07
    Grattis igen till er!
    I Finland och Frankrike krävs ju vattenprov för att få championat, hur är det i Holland?
  • Tack KJ! Nej i Holland krävs inget vattenprov för championat.

    27 augusti 2012 12:00:40

  • Kristina Åsentorp • 26 augusti 2012 21:41:14
    WOW, what a talented sister Clifford has! Congratz from all of us and give her a kiss on her nose! / Clifford and family
  • Done! And nosekiss back!!

    27 augusti 2012 12:13:26

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