Moët groomed - by me!

For the first time I have groomed Moët myself! Yatzie I always shaved but now I am going to try to learn the art of grooming with scissors. I bought a professional - very expensive - pair of one sided thinning  scissors. In that way mistakes do not show so much! It takes longer though. First I brushed her out totally, got rid of the mats with a matting knife (the yellow and blue on the picture) and blowed through the fur with my water blower. With the wooden wide toothed comb I brushed up the fur and then started cutting. I found it very difficult! It was hard to know how much I actually did cut off. Looking at some pictures and a sketch I have made with the help of some groomers' advice I tried to shape her into a "Barbet shape". Kept the hair on the legs long, neck and thighs shorter. Most difficult was the neck and the face/ears. Well, here is the result! Not too bad for a first-timer maybe? But still loads to learn! Afterwards Moët enjoyed a nice tumbeling around with Ollie!

My grooming equipment:
The water blower - a must for Barbet owners
Etiketter: grooming water blazer

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  • Elaine • 15 september 2012 11:47:36
    I second. I have less tools, but as long as you get the job done, tha's what counts!
  • Tomasz • 12 september 2012 09:05:42
    You did a great job !
  • Thanks for the encouragement Tomasz!

    12 september 2012 12:04:20

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