Moët wins 1st prize and reserve CAC

Moët today did her second show at the international dogshow De Utrecht with a fantastic result! She won 1st prize in junior class (Excellent) and 2nd (reserve CAC) in the competition. I am so proud of her. The judge wrote:

  • Good neck and top lines
  • Good angulations front and backpaws
  • Perfect bone structure and compact feet
  • Correct eye colour
  • Correct bite

The BOB was given to Rose, Gladys da Capo - a beautiful Barbet with a rare mixed beige/brown colour!

BOB Rose, Gladys da Capo, soon 2 years old
Moët and Rose in a playful whirlwind

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  • mamma • 17 november 2012 16:56:07
    Hon är jättesöt, värd sitt pris!

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