Another grass came out of Moët

Believe it or not: Today a second piece of grass came out of Moët's foot. I saw her licking her paw yesterday and today I found a new spot above the old hole that was bleeding and had pus. I shaved the area around it and cleaned. Then I prevented her from licking with a plastic hood collar and after only a few hours I found the grass sticking out. It was a shorter grass but thicker. I hope there are no more pieces left in there... The antibioics injection she got was said to last for 10 days. Today is day 9. Antibiotics close the wound so maybe this means the effect is over and the wound could open again. It is great, it had to come out. And Moët had to take antibiotics as well to stop the very aggressive inflammation at that point. So I am happy this happened and hope this was the last piece!

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