Ten angels have arrived:

The Angel litter de l'Esprit de bonté

Yatzie scored 10 again! Her litter will be named after angels – what could be more suitable for these adorable, sweet puppies that bring so much joy to the world! The litter is exceptionally balanced with 5 males (1 brown, 4 black) and 5 females (1 brown, 4 black). They are all doing very well, drinking well and being taken care of by their proud mother. Yatzie is exhausted but fine. She did an amazing job. You are the star of these angels darling Yatzie!

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  • Jos Cové • 12 februari 2014 13:29:08
    Van harte gefeliciteerd met deze 10 puppies. Ik weet zeker dat het ze aan niets gaat ontbreken de komende 8 weken.
  • Monique Heijmerink-Burggraaf • 10 februari 2014 17:53:14
    WOW Yatzie wel done. 10 little beautifull pups. Enjoy the little ones ;-)
    Congratulations Elisabeth
  • Sophie. • 10 februari 2014 16:39:22
    Gefeliciteerd Yatzie!
  • irek • 10 februari 2014 16:17:41
    Congratulations!! Kisses to all Angels and brave Mom

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