Moët sneeks in to the puppy box

The first 10 days of the puppies' life Yatzie allowed Moët to enter into the box when she was there. Lately she does not allow it any longer. She growls towards Moët who immediately understands and respects her mother's signal and walks away. But the puppies fascinates her. And when Yatzie is not around Moët sneeks in to the puppy box. She sniffs every puppy and she moves them around with her nose. I always oversee her because she does not have the same soft hand with them as Yatzie and I am not sure she totally understands what these funny little beings are. But I still want her to be able to get to know them so that she can create a good relationship with them as a big sister once they grow a little older. She is still a little bit afraid of the puppies and if they start crawling around too much she quickly jumps out of the box!

While Yatzie is sleeping under her favourite curtain Moët sneeks into the puppy box
Margot helps to keep an eye on Moët when she gets into the box

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