Moët blessing the barbet book!

During the past two years my spare time has been filled with writing a book about the barbet, with co-author Brigitte Waller-Rengelink. In April I started making the book design and a few weeks ago the book was finally ready to be sent to the printing house. Now we are eagerly waiting for the delivery of the books which should be the coming week if everything goes well! The book is made in two language versions: English and Dutch. With the help of many barbet lovers from all over the world we were able to gather hundreds of photos of different barbets! THANK YOU! See more about the book here: and

As much as I want to thank everyone that has contributed with photos I want to thank Yatzie and Moët for their patience with me during this work. They were an active part of the production by lying next to me or sitting on my lap while I was writing and designing on my Mac, to get just a little bit of the attention they were used to get -  and to bless my work! 

During the last phase of proof reading, the book came along with me and the dogs everywhere, even on our walks! I would sit down somewhere reading, reading and reading while the dogs were running around and coming to check on me once in a while... Even to the beach I brought the big bunch of papers! Now things are back to normal and I am enjoying more time with my beloved dogs again - not to mention time with my darling husband and children of course. Writing and designing a book while working full time (and having puppies during the same period) is not to recommend ;-), but it has been fantastic to write about my passion, and to present that passion with text and images, spread by spread, in this book. I hope you will enjoy the result!  I'll let you know when the book has arrived!

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