Perfect gain weight 

Every second day I pass by the local veterinary to weight Moët. Her belly is growing in perfect speed and today the scale showed 26,55 kgs. Her normal weight is 23,5 so that is a 13 % increase so far. By the end of the pregnancy she should be just below 30 kgs "according to the books", that state that the ideal is a 25% increase of weight. She has good appetite and gets extra protein rich food now. This is the period when the puppies grow enormously and Moët needs to rest a lot between meals to allow for all these miracles inside her to develop well.

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  • patricia • 2 september 2015 12:55:02
    It's so nice to see the progress of the pregnacy of Moët. I check the blog every day and love to see how you all are doing. It's beautiful tot be able to follow how nature takes it's cource and prepares Moët to become a mother. I think she is gonna be a good mom...
  • How nice that you follow the progress Patricia! Yes nature does its work - it is always a wonder!

    2 september 2015 21:18:37

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