You can feel the puppies! 

Today was the first day that one could feel the puppies moving inside Moët! It is such a grand feeling. Small, small, kicks, difficult to distinguish but with some patience and focus you know it is the puppies movement you feel. Moët is also showing a big difference in behaviour now. She is very quiet, wants to sleep a lot, and it seems to me that she is now finally realizing what is happening inside her, that she is going to be a mother. She has a more serene air about her, she seems to be more wtihin her self so to say. Those of you that have carried a child may know exactly what I mean... This is a great responsibility and I have a feeling that Moët knows now. 

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  • Tanja • 7 september 2015 20:34:59
    What a grand moment. I'm sure Moët will be a perfect mother. How exciting to follow her journey to motherhood.

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