Moët's profile on day 58!

Moët's belly grows quickly now. She is handling it very well, but you can see that it is heavy for her at times. She often comes to measking me to stroke her belly, and to just hold her and be near. She needs a lot of attention - and a lot of food! This is how she looks today on day 58! 5 days to due date! 

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  • Melinda • 17 september 2015 08:58:32

    She's such a pretty one!!!!
  • Tanja • 16 september 2015 21:57:29
    She looks beautiful. I can imagine her to feel heavy and in need of closeness now. It is all so new for her.
  • Patricia • 16 september 2015 21:36:43
    Wij tellen mee af; spannend!

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