Moët is nesting

The whelping box is filled with towels and blankets for Moët to be able to dig and prepare for the birth. This is a normal behaviour for a bitch preparing for labour. She walks around the house as well, digging here and there, but I gently show her the way to her whelping box again. We are counting the hours til the real labour starts...

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  • Sven • 19 september 2015 08:54:47
    So funny how nature works.
  • Tanja • 18 september 2015 21:32:45
    I wish you and Moet all the best for the days coming up.
  • Marleen • 18 september 2015 18:45:23
    Wat leuk en spannend! Veel succes voor jou en Moet!
  • Susan • 18 september 2015 13:08:01
    Wat spannend! Veel succes!
  • Anja • 18 september 2015 12:49:42
    Vandaag is DÉ dag! Good luck to you all!

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