Moët's new cleaning procedure

A video from the whelping box this morning. Moët has found a new routine when it comes to cleaning the puppies. When she first enters the box she keeps standing while checking all of them, and cleaning some of them. The puppies can't reach the milk then, which on the other hand makes them a bit desperate, but she has time to finish her cleaning duties. It can look quite rough sometimes the cleaning procedure. See how she turns lttile Merveille upsidedown! Yatzie wants so much to jump into the box with Moët at once, but Moët seems to get a bit stressed from that. So I let Yatzie wait outside the box until Moët sits down and the pups are drinking. Then Yatzie can enter and be of good help cleaning and Moët can relax while feeding. The puppies have grown a lot and develop their muscles every day. They are now able to lift their body up and almost walk! 

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